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My daughter had a car accident and the towing service that responded was Hansen Collision and Towing of Muskegon. They towed the car to their lot and offered us an estimate on repairs the next afternoon. The repair estimate was 3 times the cost of the car, so we told them we would just have it towed to a scrap yard, we were informed that we had no outstanding balance and could have the car picked up at any time. Then things went bad. The car was locked up on their fenced in lot after that and no one would let us in to retrieve the car for 5 days - then they charged us for storage for the 5 days they refused to let us retrieve the car, and tacked on more than double the normal towing charge. $125 to tow a car 5 miles and then hold it hostage for 5 days.

When we were finally able to retrieve the car we were told by the tow truck driver that the refusal to open the gates tactic is standard practice and they use it for any customer that gets an estimate and decides against the work.

This car was towed about 5 miles at a cost of $125, in comparison to a friend who had them tow his car from 30 miles away for only $49. Avoid these guys like the plague.

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